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tracebloc is at the forefront of AI development innovation, pioneering a platform that leverages the collective expertise of a global AI community to transform industry standards. Founded by Lukas Wuttke, the company is committed to democratizing AI technology, providing secure, scalable solutions that enable enterprises to collaborate with leading AI talents and institutions.

Since its inception, tracebloc has dedicated itself to sustainability and inclusivity within AI, setting new benchmarks with its cutting-edge competitions and fostering a future where AI propels societal and technological advancement.

Tracebloc Gmbh

Rosenheimer Straße 38 10781 Berlin, Germany

E-Mail: info@tracebloc.io

Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter:

Lukas Wuttke

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Press Release
Connecting Enterprises with Leading AI Experts to Develop Custom-Made, High-Performing, and Eco-Friendly AI Models
Berlin, 30.01.2024

tracebloc, a startup with a three-year journey that has seen intensive product development, is now ready to make its mark in the world of artificial intelligence. Founded in September 2020 by Lukas Wuttke, tracebloc emerges as a game-changer, dedicated to bridging the gap between enterprises and the vibrant global AI community....

Founder Interview: Pioneering AI for Enterprises
Berlin, 30.01.2024

“It all started with a realization that AI innovation had the potential to thrive beyond borders and institutions. I saw the untapped potential in connecting the global AI community with enterprises. This inspired me to create tracebloc, a platform that democratizes access to proprietary data, enabling anyone with the drive and talent to develop superior AI models. In essence, we'...

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