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Connecting enterprises with leading AI experts to develop custom-made, high-performing and eco-friendly AI models.
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Three Ways tracebloc Empowers Your Organization
Powerful AI Models developed by AI Experts Utilizing Your Proprietary Data
​tracebloc offers a first of its kind approach to AI model development by enabling enterprises to tap into a worldwide pool of AI experts. Empower leading AI experts to develop custom-made AI models for your enterprise right on your premises utilizing your proprietary data.
Streamlined Enterprise AI Model Sourcing and Benchmarking
tracebloc provides an efficient enterprise AI sourcing platform, covering everything from custom development by AI experts, to purchasing and integrating AI models. It's the only platform enabling effective testing and benchmarking of AI models on your proprietary data.
Pioneering Green AI: Compiling with Regulations, Reducing Computation Costs
tracebloc's AI platform emphasizes sustainability by monitoring computational and environmental metrics. In our code competitions, these factors are key, encouraging the creation of efficient, eco-friendly AI models in line with global and EU standards.
In Six Steps to Your Custom-Made AI Models
Your Buy Decision
Your journey with tracebloc starts with your decision to custom-develop and acquire an AI model for your specific use case. We guide you through every stage form here-on on until the handover of the best performing models to your model registry.
Your Secure AI Development Environments
We facilitate the deployment of secure AI development environments at your data centers. A copy of your preprocessed data is transferred to these environments enabling AI experts to develop AI models within your premises.
Data from Other Partners
One of tracebloc's key infrastructure features are that these environments don't just need to be within your premises, but within premises of other organization, allowing you to develop even more powerful custom AI models by incorporating the data of other organizations as well. ​
Global AI Experts
Though tracebloc AI experts can run their AI workloads within the secure AI development environments, without comprising the data. Our platform creates a competitive and innovative environment for AI experts, enabling technological advancement on a global scale.
High-Performing AI Models
AI experts from all over the world are competing in building the best-in-class AI models based on performance, sustainability, and robustness metrics. The metrics are designed to meet the business KPIs of your organization.
Your Model Registry
The final step involves handing over the best-in-class AI model into your chosen MLOps tool's model registry, ensuring it includes weights, model and dataset metadata, and licensing details.
Selected Success Stories
Global AI Expertise Takes Flight at Airbus
Airbus, leveraging tracebloc's platform, challenged AI experts to enhance pilot landing guidance through a six-week code competition. Hosted on Airbus's Hamburg data center, equipped with advanced computational infrastructure, over 80 teams developed AI models to distinguish runways with exceptional accuracy, contributing to Airbus's pursuit of excellence in aviation safety and efficiency.
"Training AI models on Airbus's data centers with limited access to data and compute, was a challenge I really enjoyed."
Tomohiro Takesako

Ph.D. in Physics | Kaggle Competitions GM | Tokyo, Japan

"I really liked that all competitors had the same amount of computation budget - it leveled the playing field."
XI Fang

Computer Vision Researcher @ SmartMore Corporation SJTU AI Lab | Kaggle Competition Master | Shanghai, China

"Getting access to proprietary industry data to test new AI model architectures was a unique and seamless experience."
Vadim Borisov

AI/ML Researcher | Ph.D. in CS | DSAR Lab | Tuebingen, Germany

We are dedicated to fostering an open and sustainable AI ecosystem, nurturing a community where AI can thrive responsibly and creatively. We believe in open science and human ingenuity. Our goal is to meet the evolving needs of modern enterprises.
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Lukas Wuttke
Founder & CEO at tracebloc

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