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Welcome to tracebloc, where we are at the forefront of AI innovation, redefining how enterprises access and leverage artificial intelligence. Founded in September 2020 by Lukas Wuttke, a visionary with over six years of consulting experience in emerging technologies such as AI and distributed systems, tracebloc is dedicated to bridging the gap between businesses and the global AI community.
Our journey began with Lukas's realization that AI innovation should not be confined to geographical borders or institutional boundaries. With a firm belief that groundbreaking AI solutions can emerge from anywhere in the world, he envisioned a platform where the global AI community – encompassing startups, advanced researchers, vendors, and even ambitious individuals – could directly collaborate with Enterprises, Public Entities and Research Institutes.
Divya Singh
Senior AI Engineer
It fills me with great excitement and profound gratitude to offer data scientists worldwide access proprietary data. Observing their inventive approaches in crafting novel AI models is both inspiring and rewarding.

His vision was clear: democratize access to proprietary enterprise data, allowing anyone with the drive and talent to develop superior AI models. The first 1.5 years were dedicated to honing our services, and since the summer of 2023, tracebloc successfully implemented its first competitions, exceeding client expectations. tracebloc stands apart by offering a unique approach to AI model development. We bring global machine learning expertise directly to enterprise's doorstep, providing secure on-premise AI development environments.

Establishing an infrastructure that allows AI experts to train a wide array of AI models not only in parallel but also through a federated learning approach on enterprise data, has democratized AI, enabling broader participation in this enthralling technology.
Asad Iqbal
Technical Lead
Our platform uniquely bridges the gap between cutting-edge AI research and practical, industry-specific applications. We specialize in hosting code competitions on sensitive data, enabling participants to tackle real-world challenges while ensuring the utmost data privacy and security. At tracebloc, we're not just facilitating AI model development; we're revolutionizing how enterprises and the AI community interact, creating a symbiotic environment where shared knowledge leads to unprecedented advancements in AI technology.
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We know that building powerful AI models is extremely challenging, especially when it comes to finding a suitable AI talent and the whole evaluation process. This is where we offer a one-of-a-kind support and solution:

Powerful AI Models developed by AI Experts Utilizing Proprietary Data: tracebloc offers a first of its kind approach to AI model development by enabling enterprises to tap into a worldwide pool of AI experts. Empower leading AI experts to develop tailor-made AI models for Enterprises right on their premises utilizing their proprietary data.
Streamlined Enterprise AI Model Sourcing and Benchmarking: tracebloc provides an efficient enterprise AI sourcing platform, covering everything from custom development by AI experts, to purchasing and integrating AI models. It's the only platform enabling effective testing and benchmarking of AI models on companys proprietary data.
Pioneering GreenAI – Compiling with Regulations, Reducing Computation Costs: tracebloc's AI platform emphasizes sustainability by monitoring computational and environmental metrics. In our code competitions, these factors are key, encouraging the creation of efficient, eco-friendly AI models in line with global and EU standards.
Lukas Wuttke
Founder & CEO at tracebloc
My journey in AI has shown me that enterprises lack a systematic way to harness the vast potential of the global AI community. tracebloc aims to change that by providing a platform where innovation knows no boundaries.
tracebloc is more than just a company; it represents a commitment to innovation in AI development. We are dedicated to fostering an open and sustainable AI ecosystem, nurturing a community where AI can thrive responsibly and creatively. Our goal is to meet the evolving needs of modern businesses.
As we move forward on this exciting journey, we extend an invitation to explore tracebloc's mission, values, and vision – to actively shape the future of AI development together.

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